Because of the distance of our village from the city and healthcare facilities, our first priority was to provide diagnostic testing and treatment of malaria, tuberculosis, intestinal parasites and sexually transmitted diseases; minor surgery and assistance to pregnant women is also possible. In cases of chronic illness, people are being monitored; we offer home visits to the elderly or to those who are unable to reach us. Our car is often used as an ambulance when emergencies arise or diagnostic tests are needed.


We built four kindergartens in order to promote the education of children and their integration into the primary school system. In addition to the traditional school program children are offered a nutritious hot meal. We also hope to start a professional training program for young people, teaching them how to use a sewing machine and to learn basic information technology. Young couples are also accompanied in an educational journey of Natural Family Planning and family development in daily life.


To evangelize means to help each person recognize and promote his/her and other people's dignity; also through achievement of responsible work, participation in society and the search for one's own vocation as a response to God's call for life.

Our first commitment as Christians and missionaries is to share the experience of God Who acknowledges our sins and weaknesses and has redeemed us. To bring the Word of God and to discover its continuous action in the culture motivates us to drive the car or ride a bicycle on dusty and sunny roads, sometimes muddy because of tropical rains, not only in our Parish but also in our Diocese and occasionally in neighboring dioceses. Our Youth Encouragement Program in collaboration with the Diocese has 17 parishes, 80 high schools and spans a distance of 170 Km.