Outpatient Clinic

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Currently, the structure is complete but we are still waiting for the furniture and equipment needed to provide our services. We would like to buy some instruments to perform chemical analysis and basic clinical tests for the diagnosis of HIV.


During the month of January we opened, Iponyaholo, the fifth kindergarten in our parish. As we agreed, the schools were built with the participation of the parishioners who brought the sand, gravel, water and bricks. The SSM's, with the help of many friends and benefactors, purchased the materials and paid the workers for their labors. Since January some young people who have attended secondary school are working in the kindergartens and their salaries are been increased. We tried to keep the tuition for the children low, with just enough money to cover expenses for the daily meal. For this reason, aid for kindergartens will be used to obtain materials for teaching and training of teachers.