Adopting the Car

A good car is essential for our living in Ifunde. It takes us to the villages where we have our apostolate in the kindergartens (the farthest is about 20 km) and to the villages for evangelization. It is used to take seriously ill persons to the hospital and also takes us into the city. Our car, a Toyota 12-seater, is the only one in the village, and so it is also used to transport individuals to diocesan meetings. The car requires periodic maintenance that can be performed only 350km from our city, but is essential for our security. If you want to help, you can support the cost of maintenance and use of the car by specifying the purpose of payment: Adopt-a-car

Adopting the Mission

A mission needs many things, but, above all, it needs
young people who have the desire to spend their lives in service of their brothers and sisters. Young people who express a desire to discern their vocation with us often have not yet completed secondary school. It's very important that their studies be completed so that they are able to discern their vocation in freedom and be able to have adequate training to carry out our ministries of evangelization, education and health.

If you want to help support this mission, you can send your contribution by specifying the reason: adopting a mission.